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News from Chichester City Council

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The work of Parish Councils – which in the case of Chichester is the City Council – is largely overlooked and often taken for granted. We have a policy of reporting this in our other editions, and have now brought this to Chichester Local. We start with a brief introduction to the Council, with text and images from the council  website.

Chichester City Council is the Parish Council for the City of Chichester and was the first Parish Council in the Chichester District to be awarded the status of a ‘Quality Parish’.

The City Council has been based at the Council House in North Street for over 250 years, even though the historic roots of the City Council can be traced back to the 12th Century.

The Localism Act includes a ‘General Power of Competence’ and this gives local authorities the legal capacity to do anything that an individual can do that is not specifically banned by other laws. This Power gives councils more freedom to work with others in new ways and to meet local people’s needs.

The General Power of Competence applies to eligible parish councils and Chichester City Council have met the relevant tests to exercise this Power.

The Council is specifically responsible for the following areas:

Chichester City Council has twenty elected Councillors who serve the four wards (North, South, East and West) of the city. Each ward has five Councillors and they may be contacted by the details given on  the website.

The Councillors hold office from May 2015 to May 2019 and are represented by 11 Conservatives (C), 7 Liberal Democrats (LD) and 1 Green (G).

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Members Register of Interests can be viewed below or inspected at the Council House in North Street between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

A budget is allocated each year to cover Councillors‘ expenses, such as attending training courses and associated travelling. Expenses are only honoured on the production of appropriate receipts.

Council meetings are held every eight weeks and formally adopt and approve the Minutes of the Standing Committees, receive reports from representatives on outside bodies and will discuss any other matters relevant at the time. There is also a public question time at the Council Meeting. The next meeting is on 25th April, and details of the agenda and minutes for this and the other Standing Committees are available on the council website.

The historic Council House has a number of interesting rooms which are also available for hire, including the Council Chamber (pictured right) which is exclusively available for Weddings and Partnership Ceremonies. See the website for details of this and other rooms, including the Old Court Room.