Pensioners in drawdown fear running out of money

Since the introduction of the new pension freedoms in April 2015, more and more retirees have opted to take flexible withdrawals from their pension...

March into your Vegetable Patch

March is the biggest month for sowing your seeds If you haven’t already done so you can dig in some well rotted manure into your...

Wall Tie Corrosion

I find that I have been writing short articles for Sussex Local’ for some 10 years... Doesn’t time fly! I recall that the first...

What does your retirement look like?

So you are in a workplace scheme. Job done? Not quite. Retirement may seem like a long way off but “life’s longest holiday” takes...

Revamping your garden for Spring

This time of year reminds me of that Wind in the Willows quote: “Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth...

An asbestos cement roof

Only recently I was phoned by a frail elderly lady who was concerned that a rogue builder was proposing to charge her hundreds of...


These days floors are all too often covered either with carpeting or timber ‘click’ decorative boards. In older property it is most likely that...

Design tips for your own winter garden

When you look out your window how does your garden look this winter? Is it full of colourful berries and brightly stemmed shrubs, the bark...
Brain with bandages on

Mind Your Head

The MIND YOUR HEAD sign is often seen adorning low doorways and building sites, designed to caution passersby of potential external bumps and bangs....

Winter Motoring tips – See & Be Seen

‘See and be seen’ should be the motto of every safety-conscious motorist. So many drivers tend to overlook the necessity of using headlights during...
Elderly woman being cared for

Long Term Care Planning

Following on from arguably one of Mrs May’s most divisive election mandates the ‘Dementia Tax’ it is worthwhile understanding what long term care is...
Piggy bank with money

The Importance of Reviews

Several important changes to tax and benefits were introduced at the beginning of 2017/18. So it makes sense to review your financial planning regularly to...


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