Domestic drainage


Make your cash work harder for you

You cannot carry over your ISA or JIDA allowance once the tax year has ended - use it or lose it! Don’t risk missing...

‘Being Good’ Over Christmas?

Christmas is such a tricky time of year nutrition-wise. There’s delicious looking food everywhere you look, everyone tells you to relax your rules (‘it’s Christmas!’),...

Energy performance certificates

Energy performance certificates (EPC’s) have been around now since 2008 and I imagine that most of us have seen the multicoloured ratings on fridges,...

What’s it like to run a small garden nursery?

Garden designer Andrew Staib talks to Ed Nugent from Garden Sage Nursery in Hassocks about the joys and difficulties of running a nursery. It was...

Building Terminology

I often have clients describing their building problems to me. Sometimes, their terminology is less than accurate and, invariably, I have to make a...

Inheritance Tax – Under the spotlight

According to figures from HM Revenues and Customs, inheritance tax (IHT) revenues are up again, with £5bn being paid in the 2017-18 tax year....
cooking oils

Cooking oils

Cooking oil. It’s the base of most of our meals, yet something we don’t speak about often. A quick look down the cooking oil aisle...

Designing your garden this Autumn

Autumn is the best time to design your garden. You can still see the echoes of Summer planting and late Summer and Autumn growth is...

Domestic drainage

Domestic drainage systems are covered under part H of the building regulations, and alterations to the drainage system will require Building control approval. Typically,...


Sleep quality is hugely important. In fact, if sleep was the only thing I helped a sleep-deprived client improve, the benefits they would see...

Inheritance Tax – Where are we now?

If there is a UK tax that needed major overhaul, then Inheritance Tax (IHT) must be a prime candidate. Many families hear that the...
Sheffield Park

Sheffield Park – A paradise in Sussex

If Andy Jesson was a tree he would be a stout Oak. With his relentless energy and passion for trees, the Head Gardener at...


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