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Coldwaltham Council January News


Edited extracts from the minutes of Planning meeting held on 26th November 2018

Planning applications


Erection of a side and front extension to replace existing garage and conservatory.

Councillors noted that the dwelling in question already occupied a high proportion of its overall site by the standards of a rural parish. The proposed extension would take up much of the remaining space, verging on over-development. This situation, and the need to avoid undue loss of off-street parking, should be drawn to the Planning Authority’s attention. Roof lights were becoming a common feature of proposed extensions, and the Council should continue raising the issue of their cumulative implications for dark skies.

RESOLVED: To draw the Planning Authority’s attention to the issues identified in discussion.

Edited extracts from the  draft minutes of Parish Council meeting held on 13th November 2018

Alban Head Update: The committee has received one quote for the showers, a local person, the quote is for £1900. So with the Shower & Kitchen projects both happening the committee is expecting to be shortfall of about £500 on the Funding provided by the Section 106 Money received. Because of the size of the project and the nature of the building it has  proven quite difficult to get quotes. Gratitude to Chris Glithero for his assistance keeping an eye on this project.

Parking in Arun Vale: A number of complaints from residents in Arun Vale regarding cars being parked along the entrance to Arun Vale, not just at the beginning of the school, which residents have become accustomed to, but now all morning and sometimes all day. Cllr Evans will contact the school, to check if these are staff cars. Cllr Burr noted that WSCC Highways had painted the road marking where they considered it dangerous to park. Members commented that there is also Chuckleberries to consider, who are not directly linked to the school but only hire a classroom.

GDPR Update: A resident continues to write directly to a member of the council. Any correspondence directed to the Parish Council should be directed through the Clerk, the clerk. Members were reminded to bring this to the attention of residents.