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Chichester City Council April News

Chichester cathedral

Edited extracts from meeting minutes published on the Council website.

City Council 21st February

Reports from representatives on outside bodies

The City Council’s representative on the Chichester Conservation Area Advisory Committee (CCAAC), advised that it was the 50th anniversary of the studies that had been carried out on the historic cities of Bath, Chester, Chichester and York. Chester Civic Trust had contacted the CCAAC about meeting up in Chichester on 3 October 2018 to discuss how the  last 50 years has affected the historic cities.

The City Council’s representative on the Dear’s Charity, advised that planning permission had been obtained to build 4 new almshouses near Tozer Way in Chichester.

The City Council’s representative on the Sussex Community Rail Partnership Arun Valley Steering Group, advised that the floral displays at local railway stations in the area would continue by the Aldingbourne Trust although Network Rail would no longer be investing in this initiative. He added that from May 2018 a new early morning service to London Bridge would be introduced.

Ward reports from council members

Councillor M Evans, as a North Ward member, commented on the recently held Summersdale Residents Association Annual General Meeting and concerns in the North Ward regarding the access to the new petrol station in Lavant Road. Councillor M Evans added that the Chichester Harbour Conservancy had a vacancy for Chairman.

Councillor Budge, as a North Ward member, thanked the City Council for providing three new benches on the East Broyle estate.

Councillor Sharp, as a South Ward member, advised that there was support from the community for submitting a bid to purchase the Muchos Nachos premises in Whyke Road. Councillor Sharp reported that the Abbas Combe Nursing Home in the South Ward was changing hands but it was hoped that the site would in future benefit residents and the local community.

Community Affairs Committee

12th February

Discretionary Grants

Out of an original budget of £30,000 for 2017/8, a total of £21,957 had been awarded in 2017, leaving a balance of £8,043. The following grants were discussed and approved:

  • £1,800 – ‘Bernstein in Chichester’ to help fund the establishment of a website to promote the community wide festival being held marking Leonard Bernstein’s centennial and links between Chichester and the composer.
  • £1,000 – Chichester City Band for the purchasing of instruments for the elementary Brass Group of the band.
  • £500 – Chichester City Tours to fund the annual running costs of the website and the reprinting of colour leaflets.
  • £2,500 – Festival of Chichester to help fund the promotion and marketing the Festival of Chichester in 2018.
  • £443 – International Relations ‘Three Cities’ Working Group for costs involved with the promotion of the ‘Three Cities’ programme of of events during the Festival of Chichester in 2018.
  • £1,800 – Arun and Chichester Citizens Advice for additional resources in supporting volunteers to help clients.

Deferred decisions

It was resolved that the following applications be deferred to the next tranche of Discretionary Grants which would be determined in July 2018 by the Community Affairs Committee.

  • Chichester City Centre (Bell Tower) Drop-in.
  • Focus: Arts (Chichester Poetry)
  • Friends of Priory Park

It was resolved that no grant be awarded to

  • Rotary Club of Chichester Priory
  • The Challengers

The application by Chichester District Council on behalf of Chichester in Partnership would be discussed further by the Finance Committee at their next meeting with the possibility of the ‘Social Prescribing’ initiative being a Public Realm Project.

All organisations would be informed of the outcome of their application and that the City Council request all funding is publicly acknowledged in any literature they may produce and that a report is submitted to the City Council within 6 months of receiving the Discretionary Grant explaining how the grant was expended. One representative from each of the successful applications would be invited to attend the Council Meeting on Wednesday 25 April 2018 to receive their grant cheques.