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Amberley Rail Services

Bury Parish Council’s website carries a report from a campaign group which has lobbied to improve services from Amberley Station.

“From May of next year, rail services from Amberley Station are set to improve, thanks to the campaign led by Amberley Rail SOS.

Laura Rawnsley, a founder and active member of the campaign group, reports: “As you’ll be aware, Southern published a proposed 2018 timetable at the end of June. This showed a net reduction of about 3 trains at Amberley station, with the loss of a number of ‘favourite’ trains, and no improvement from the additional services they were planning to run on the Arun Line during peak times.

Thanks to all of your support, we managed to submit over 100 consultation responses and Nick Herbert’s office got 60 emails on the matter. Nick wrote to GTR on our behalf, as did APC and Parish Councils in Bury, Storrington and Parham. We also got support from a number of local and national organisations. This secured us a meeting with GTR at the end of July.

Not only were we able to get lost services reinstated, but we were also able to negotiate to get an additional 6 services to stop at Amberley. This means we will have a half-hourly northbound service in the morning (from around 6.00-9.15) and a half-hourly southbound service in the evenings (from 16.00-22.30).

You’ll find more details on the campaign, support we have received, and the current and proposed services in the bulletin attached. These changes are all still going through the approval process with DfT, but GTR have reassured us that they are low risk and are highly likely to be approved.

This is just a starting point. We are meeting again with GTR (in October) to continue to push for all Arun Valley services to stop at Amberley.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, or specific concerns with the timetable that you’d like us to try to address, please do get in touch with us at amberleyrailsos@gmail.com. This is a great example of what we can achieve with such a strong community! Many thanks to everyone who has supported this campaign.”