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Neighbourhood Plan

In response to the Neighbourhood Plan Survey earlier this year the Parish Council is working on some projects that residents highlighted as being important to them.

Play areas re-vamped

Both the Posthorses and Warminghurst Close play areas will be re-vamped – we will be consulting with nearby residents and local users and seeking quotations for improvements. The likely cost is in the region of 50k and this will be funded through Developer contributions (from previous new homes) and Parish Council funds.

Sports surface refurbishment

In addition, the Parish Council is working with Ashington Community Centre Trust on a project to refurbish the multi-sports court surface that has become gritty/slippery over the years. The Trust own the court but, in an agreement with the Parish Council, allow residents casual free-of-charge use if the Parish Council pay for on-going maintenance of the court. The cost of this project could be 20k and this will likely be funded through Developer contributions, Trust and Parish Council funds.

Outdoor gym equipment

Other projects identified from the Survey responses eg outdoor gym/exercise equipment will be pursued through the Neighbourhood Plan whereby Developers make direct contributions of community facilities alongside any new homes that they build. Details of community facilities/infrastructure needs can be seen in various reports on the Neighbourhood Plan page of the Parish Council website.

New Homes

The Neighbourhood Plan is looking at a potential of up to 200 new homes in Ashington to 2031. The Glebe Surgery has indicated that the new residents could all be accommodated at its new medical facility on the Glebe Field, Storrington. Some patients could possibly be accommodated at either Steyning or Pulborough GP Surgeries but we are awaiting their responses to our enquiries. It seems that GP capacity in the area is looking good but we may need to address other issues such as transport to these facilities.