Leaflet Distribution

An effective marketing tool

Door to door leaflet distribution can be a very effective form of marketing. Having your leaflets delivered inside a copy of the respected Sussex Local and Chichester Local magazine titles means a higher open and retention rate than those which are just delivered on their own.

Why use Sussex Local for leaflet delivery?

Sussex Local and Chichester Local magazines are delivered through the door every month by our own team of carefully selected and monitored distributors.

The advantages of choosing to distribute leaflets with Sussex Local over a standard leaflet company is:

We limit the numbers of leaflets per month

We insert only up to just three leaflets per magazine per month, which ensures that recipients are not overloaded with information, and the leaflets stand a higher chance of being read and retained.

Exclusivity of category per edition

We do not allow competing categories of business within those three items. So a gardener would not be directly up against another gardener in the same month.

Leaflets placed inside the magazines

The leaflets are inserted within the magazine before it is posted through the door. Householders and businesses receive Sussex Local every month – in some areas we have been operating for over ten years – so they are accustomed to the delivery.

Reliability of service

We use our own team of distributors, some of whom have been with us since we first started. Some of our team are monitored by satellite tracking devices which shows us the routes they have taken.

Competitive Rates

We have a simple price list which consists of two levels:

£40 per thousand up to 10,000 leaflets in one month

£35 per thousand over 10,000 leaflets in one month

Further information as well as display advertising rates are shown on our ratecard page.

Delivery slots are sold on a first come first served basis, and are therefore payable in full at the time of booking. This is to be fair to all our customers, as some slots at certain times of the year can get very booked up. If you are looking to book regularly then please talk to us about your requirements and we can try to come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement about payments.

Areas covered

We cover the following areas,  together with their surrounding villages,  of West Sussex every month

Arundel, BarnhamChichester, Findon, Midhurst/Petworth, Pulborough, Storrington

For a detailed list and map of the areas, please go to our Distribution Areas page.

We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions about advertising and leaflet distribution.

If you wish to join our team of distributors, you can find more information here.